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 Wood Siding Supply - Mill Direct! (TX)
 Ad Posted:  Thursday, April 12, 2018
 Ad Expires:  Wednesday, July 11, 2018
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Types of siding we supply:
- Lap siding (also called bevel or clapboard siding)
- Board and Batten Siding
- Half Round Slabs
- Rustic live edge siding
- Ship Lap Siding
- #117 Double Tear Drop Siding
- #105 Drop Siding
- Tongue and Groove Siding
- Log Style Siding
- Skirting for trailer or mobile / manufactured home
- Interior Wall Paneling
- Wainscoting

We offer the following quality building products.

Wood siding is better in ways than some of the modern alternatives of fiber cement, aluminum and vinyl that have been made to look the same. Wood siding does not sweat as aluminum. Aluminum often significantly decreases cell reception in a home. When aluminum gets dented or scraped it does not come out and easily shows as blemishes. Vinyl can get brittle and crack as it gets older. Wood siding should be painted or stained for best longevity. Wood does require repainting and caulking after a number of years. Wood offers good character and makes a home have a different feel. It has some insulation value and good sound barrier quality.

--- BOARD & BATTEN Siding

1x12 and 1x10 pine boards with 3 or 4 inch batten siding is one of our most popular requested items. Siding is also available in sizes of 1x8 and 1x6 boards. Rough cut siding provides a unique rustic natural look. The piny woods of East Texas grows some fine quality large pine trees. Local hardware building supply yards do not stock this in demand product line but we are pleased to offer it mill direct to the public. Our board and batten lumber is generally cut green (wet) and is installed right away. The lumber will shrink after drying for a few months. Some people install the boards and then later when things have dried they nail up the battens. Others tack the battens on half way nailing only to one of the boards and when everything has cured they nail on the other side of the batten to securely bridge the gap between the two boards.
As the pine lumber cures the sun changes the color of the wood from a white to a sunny yellow. Lumber that get hit with sun and rain turns gray.

Prices start at 58 a linear foot for 1x10 Pine boards and 75 a linear foot 1x12s. Batten strips start at $0.60 a board foot for 1x2, 1x3 or 1x4s ( 10, 15 or 20 a linear ft)

--- #117 Historic Reproduction DOUBLE TEAR DROP 'Novelty, wash board' Siding.

This siding pattern was very popular on turn of the 20th century homes and houses built in the 50s. Many older homes in Texas and surrounding state have this siding on them. We are among the few who offer this wood siding pattern.

1 6 #117 Double Tear Drop Siding - - - - - $1.35 / square ft.

--- #105 DROP SIDING

This is one of the most popular wood siding used on older homes. Its pattern style is very good. This is the classic ship lap drop siding. It is hardly carried at hardware stores or really anywhere in this modern time. Customers that have this siding on their house and need to replace some of it have been very grateful to get drop siding from us.

1 6 Ship Lap Drop siding - - - - $1.20 / square ft.


Log siding is a unique product which makes readily available the rustic appeal of shaped wood. It is easy to install on new construction stick built conventional buildings, and does not require special tools to install. It can be used in remodeling to replace existing siding. Some people like to give their home a contemporary modern look by putting in high quality siding in gables, as a skirting section around the bottom of the walls, or on certain walls of the home. Whether the log siding is going to cover part or all of the outside walls, it can give your home a face lift and increase the value.
The log siding can be left to gray by the natural elements to get a rustic look. It accepts coats of paint and stain well. The bright natural beauty of real wood shows well when this product has a clear or tinted sealant applied.

The solid and thick nature of this type of siding has some noteworthy advantages: It gives a stout look to a structure. The thickness serves as an additional sound barrier and adds good insulation value.
It can easily be trimmed around windows, doors and corners with standard finish lumber stock.
It works well for homes, sheds, barns, businesses, and even interior use.
We offer 6 inch log cabin V - Joint siding in pine and cedar.

Pine 2 6 Log Siding - - - - - $0.95 /linear ft. $2.30 / square ft.
Cedar 2 6 Log Siding - - - - - $1.85 /linear ft. $4.25 / square ft.

We offer rustic live edge rough sawn siding. The bark and raw edge of the log is left on and gives good character that is sure to communicate an appreciation for the unrefined decorative look. Generally the plank siding is cut thin and is nailed up as horizontal lap siding.

We also offer another rustic option - half round slabs. The bark can be left on or peeled. The limb stumps give good variety. The slabs are edged on both sides. They make a rough log cabin / sawmill by product look and are perfect for gables or skirting.

One of our primary products we produce is 6 inch paneling. It is 3/4' thick by 5' coverage V-Joint paneling for interior wall covering and outdoor siding in both pine and cedar.

Pine 1 6 V-Joint Paneling / Siding $0.45 / linear foot - - - - - $1.00 / square foot
Cedar 1 6 V-Joint Paneling / Siding $0.90 / linear foot - - - - - $2.07 / square foot
Oak 1 6 V-Joint Paneling / Siding $1.22 / linear foot - - - - - $2.80 / square foot

Our 1 1/2' V-Joint is shaped with beveled edges on the bottom side and works well for vaulted ceilings - making a beautiful exposed ceiling. The top side is flat and ready to apply felt paper before laying on the roof. The planking is strong and well capable for the roof load weight. When felt paper and a layer of foam insulation is added, the surface is prepared for sheet metal roofing to be applied directly on top and fastened to the V-Joint.
1 1/2' pine V - Joint ----------- $0.95 a linear foot ($2.30 a square foot)


$ - We offer good mill direct prices to the public. If you would like pricing you may check out our web site under the tab 'pricing'. Here you can find a PRICE SHEET to figure out costs for most of the lumber we offer - beams up to 32 feet long, framing lumber, siding, v - joint paneling, flooring, cedar decking, trailer decking, fence posts, peeled logs, cedar half round slabs and sliced round tree cookies. Some of our services are also priced out - sawing customers logs, sanding, applying polly and kiln drying. We also can run a customer's own dry boards through our wood shaper.

$ - On our web site under the tab 'pricing' we have designed a specially built PRICE CALCULATOR. With this one of a kind tool, you can type in the quantity of one or more types of lumber you are looking at and figure out how much your looking to pay for your order.

Wholesale inquiries welcome.
We are located at 145 CR 2423, Alto, Texas (South of Tyler, TX / West of Nacogdoches, TX). Alto is positioned right along the Highway 69 route halfway between Dallas and Houston. East Texas is one of the best wooded areas of the state and grows some very fine quality wood which we are pleased to provide mill direct to the public.

We supply customers in the local towns and cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Plano, Garland, Mesquite, Arlington, Irving, Abilene, Sulphur Springs, Texarkana, Mount Pleasant, Tyler, Mineola, Lindale, Kilgore, Longview, Marshall, Henderson, Carthage, Shreveport, Athens, Corsicana, Jacksonville, Palestine, Crockett, Rusk, Bullard, Wells, Nacogdoches, Mount Enterprise, Timpson, Center, Huntington, Zavalla, Diboll, Corrigan, Woodville, Lufkin, Beaumont, Killeen, Jerrell, Austin, Temple, Round Rock, Lakeway, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Seguin, Victoria, Sweeny, Corpus Christi, Huntsville, Livingston, Conroe, Houston, Lake Charles, Seabrook, Galveston, and more.

We serve the nearby states of Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Colorado and can send trucks anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Truck shipping available.
We accept major credit cards.
CUSTOM CUT LUMBER - From Our Logs or Yours
On our web site you can read details and scroll through hundreds of lumber pictures showing what we produce.

Randall's cell (325) 428-669five
Things can get busy at a sawmill! We do value our customers. If you call and don't get an answer please leave a voice message and we will get seek to get back with you as soon as possible.

Mill office (936)858-280seven (cut and paste to your email)
(Email is the preferred mode of communication for straightforward inquiries)

Para Espanol:
Francis 936-465-759nueve
(llamar, texto o dejar un mensaje de voz)

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