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 Streamlining Wood Processing: Zibo Chenze’s Complete Wood Handling System
 Ad Posted:  Tuesday, May 14, 2024
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Streamlining Wood Processing: Zibo Chenze’s Complete Wood Handling System
In the dynamic landscape of the paper pulp and wood-based panel industry, the efficiency of wood handling from logs to chips is paramount. Zibo Chenze Machinery stands at the forefront, offering a comprehensive wood handling system that transforms raw logs into high-quality wood chips. Let’s delve into the key components of this integrated process.

Logs → Logs Haul Chain Conveyor→ Feed in conveyer (Inclined feed in channel) →Debarker →Discharge → Roller conveyer →Belt conveyor ( Inclined feed channel) →Chipper → Chips discharge conveyer→Chips screen→Re-chipper→Chip conveyer → Accept chip silo/moving floor.

1. Logs to Chips: The Journey Begins
The process initiates with logs, which are seamlessly transferred through a Logs Haul Chain Conveyor and an inclined Feed In Conveyor channel. The debarker efficiently removes bark, ensuring a clean rate of over 90%. The roller conveyor and belt conveyor further facilitate the movement towards the chipper, where the logs are transformed into chips.

Barks fall down from the discharging slot (including bark fall down the roller. conveyer)→ Belt conveyer →Energy factory.

Log debarking production line

Depending on the production and use, we have two types machine:Roller wood debrker and Rotary Drum wood debarker.

Zibo Chenze’s rotary drum debarking line adopts world advanced technology.

It has advantages of compact structure, lower energy consumption, higher clean debarking. and larger productive capacity. The technology is the pioneer domestic. It is the ideal equipment for wood based panel, pulp paper industry. And wood chip production plant.

Wood Chipper : Drum Chippers

Zibo Chenze’s Drum Chippers are specialiity equipment for wood chips production process. These are used extensively in MDF Board industry and pulp and paper mills, which can be used as part of the wood handling process or an individual equipment for other application.

Material handled by this series of Drum Chipper includes raw wood logs, small diameter wood, residual material from wood harvesting( branches, twig), left over from timber processing( lath, slab, core, wood waste, etc.,) bamboo, cotton stalk. Reed, rice straw, wheat straw and other non-wood fiber material, which are processes into chips of a certain specification, and use a basic raw material for particle board, fiberboard, MDF and HDF Board and pulp making.

This series of Drum Chippers are structurally compact, simple to operate, high throughput, wide adaptability of raw materials, produces high chips quality, reliable and safe, easy to maintain, and are the most advanced chippers currently available in China.

The Drum Chipper series are suitable for the 5-180 cubic meters/ hour SUB of chips production range. The standard sizes available are convenient for customers to select in accordance with the production requirement.

Wood Chipper : Disc Chippers
Chips Screening and Refinement
After chipping, the wood chips undergo screening to ensure quality and uniformity. The re-chipper enhances the chip size control, catering to specific production requirements. The chips are then conveyed to the Accept Chip Silo/Moving Floor, ready for storage or further processing.

Utilizing Bark for Sustainable Energy
Barks, separated during the debarking process, follow a dedicated path via Belt Conveyors to an Energy Factory. This sustainable approach reflects Zibo Chenze’s commitment to maximizing resource utilization in wood processing.

Log Debarking Production Line
Zibo Chenze offers two types of machines for log debarking: the Roller Wood Debarker and the Rotary Drum Wood Debarker. These machines exhibit a clean debarking rate exceeding 90%, making them ideal for wood-based panel, pulp paper industries, and wood chip production plants.

Drum and Disc Chippers: Specialized Wood Processing
Zibo Chenze’s Drum Chippers and Disc Chippers play a pivotal role in wood chips production. Designed for MDF Board, particle Board, and pulp and paper mills, these chippers handle various raw materials, from wood logs to residual materials and non-wood fibers.

Drum Chippers: Known for their structural compactness, simplicity, and high throughput, these chippers are suitable for 5-180 cubic meters/hour SUB of chips production.
Disc Chippers: Featuring a versatile design, these chippers, suitable for 2-160 cubic meters/hour SUB of chips production, offer options for low or high voltage motors, horizontal or inclined feeding, and top or bottom discharge.
Zibo Chenze’s wood handling system exemplifies efficiency, adaptability, and sustainability in the wood processing industry. For more details or specific applications, feel free to contact us. Transforming wood into opportunities – that’s the essence of Zibo Chenze Machinery.

Thanks for your reading. If you need more informations (such as chips screen, re-chipper, moving floor….) or more applications,

free to contact me.

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