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 HUGE $4,500 PRICE DROP! Frick No. 00 Complete Sawmill Operation
 Ad Posted:  Monday, December 25, 2023
 Ad Expires:  Sunday, March 24, 2024
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HUGE $4,500 PRICE DROP! Fellow Sawyers want it but say it's a little too expensive. I can relate so I dropped the price. Considering what it cost to get it out of the mountains and home to Mississippi, restore the 32' Frick Edger, Head, Swing Saw Motor and Hammer and bit the blades I can still break even.

For Sale: 1963 Frick No. 00 Complete Sawmill - A Unique Piece of History Ready for Restoration

This is not your ordinary sawmill - it's a piece of history waiting to be brought back to life! Introducing the 1963 Frick No. 00 complete sawmill, a restoration project that has the potential to become a fully operational machine.

This sawmill comes with a Detroit 671 engine, an extra 4-value head that was reworked and never installed, a hydraulic log turner, all the belts, a swing saw, and a restored Frick 32-inch Edger. It also includes all the belts and extra pulleys and various parts. All blades have been hammered, with new bits.

This sawmill has a fascinating past, spending its life in the mountains of Harlan, Kentucky before coming to Mississippi two years ago. Despite needing some work, this sawmill is built on a solid foundation and has the potential to be restored to its former glory.

While the pistons are currently seized due to corrosion in the cylinders, they're still installed and not burned or broken. However, the good news is that the mill could be brought back to operational without restoration, but that was never my intention, although it is an amazing possibility.

As the third owner of this sawmill, I initially planned to restore it myself. However, due to my busy schedule, I'm unable to commit the necessary time and attention to this project. I want to find someone who has the passion and knowledge to bring this sawmill back to life.

I have all the original replacement manuals, including Operators, Parts, and Maintenance manuals, with updated part numbers for obsolete parts. So you'll have all the information you need to get started on this restoration project. Jerry at Fricko Albright Sawmills bought the rights to Frick when they went out of business, and he still sells all the parts needed to get the mill back up and running. With his expertise and your passion for restoration, you could have a fully functioning sawmill that's ready to take on any project.

If I deliver the mill, please note that the purchaser must have a way to unload it, as a small tractor won't be strong enough to handle the weight of the 1963 Detroit 671 Diesel engine. Additionally, you'd need to pay a 50% deposit, and if you change your mind after seeing the mill in person, you'd cover my travel costs from your deposit based on $1.00 a mile. I have the equipment needed to load the entire mill up, but you best plan on 2-3 hours load time and bring a big trailer without side rails if possible. If you find yourself uncomfortable with the deposit please google my business Summer Breeze Sawmill and take a look at our Timberline Magazine article. The last thing I'm interested in is ruining my business and reputation over $8500. We accept credit, debit, Pay-Pal, Venmo, Cash, Cashier's Check, or we can send you an e-invoice via Block (formerly Square). In other words I am a legitimate, real person and there will be a paper trail. I will not accept a personal check. I'm sorry that's not gone well for me in the past.

As someone with 32 years of experience in the U.S. Army as a helicopter technician and maintenance test pilot, as well as owning a sawmill business, I know a good restoration project when I see one. This sawmill has great potential, and it's a unique piece of history that's just waiting to be restored.

If you're someone who's been looking for a restoration project that has the potential to become a fully operational machine, then this 1963 Frick No. 00 complete sawmill is for you. With a little bit of hard work, passion, and determination, you could have a fully restored and functional sawmill that's ready to take on any project. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a unique piece of history!

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