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Small Logs into boards in 1 Pass with the LTPS-150E Rip Saw

Ad Posted:Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Ad Expires:Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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  • LTPS-150E - it is an ideal tool for processing of small diameter stems (max butt dia: 9” or 230mm) into dimensional or custom lumber in one pass (pallet board manufacturers like this machine).
  • milling speed: 1 minute per log
  • LTPS-log rip sawmill is 20+ times more productive than any band saw mill
  • LTPS-machines are robust and reliable, provenly working in rough conditions since 2008
  • LTPS-machines are flexible and easy to re-set for different cut-profiles (about 100 different profiles where created by 2014)
  • Woodlandia LTPS-machine can allow a small business to step up onto new level of productivity
  • These machines can be installed in a shop or in a field under an awning or in a shed
  • This mill will process your hardwoods and softwoods in one pass!
  • LTPS-150E is robust and reliable solution with most effective cost/productivity ratio in the industry among machines of similar class. 

Most popular applications where this machine is used, are:
  •  manufacturing of: boards for pallets and skids
  • boards for wooden packaging boxes lamels for hardwood floor, windows, doors, furniture boards for WallScapes (Euro standard or whatever)
  • dimensional lumber (boards) from 9mm to 150x150mm in width (from 1/2' to 6x6').
  • See this video of a production facility using this machine.

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