Make more money with the timbers that you mill and turn them into a log cabin...the project of a lifetime! Build a Dovetail Log Building commplete Online Course The BC School of Log Building has taken its popular 2 week 'Build a Dovetail Log Building Course' online! In 25 detailed modules, you will learn all the techniques and knowledge necessary to build a dovetail log cabin in your choice location and on your own schedule. It's a great time to add extra value and learn a new skill! The Course includes: Professionally produced, clear video demonstrations Comprehensive step by step written instructions with over 240 photos and diagrams Our repeatable 10 Steps to Laying a Dovetail Log guide A detailed Log by Log Graphics Package for our 16′ x 20′ Willowbank Course Cabin A complete set of log shell building plans And of course... A sawmill materials cut list with an accompanying explanation of how to produce your own $697.50 CAD(includes 5% gst) The course is hosted online where you'll have UNLIMITED access to the videos, graphics, log shell plans and detailed instructions. You can also work through this course offline by downloading the instructions, graphics, and diagrams, available as PDFs as well. This is the best resource available for building a dovetail log building in your own backyard. A project you'll never forget. Let the sawdust fly!