I have 2 different Baker resaws for sale. Theses are used to cut length wise lumber and beams into exact consistent specified thickness. First saw pictured; This used resaw manufactured by Baker features an hydraulic power infeed. Technical Specifications: Model Baker BBR-0 Hydraulic Power Infeed 230 volt 3 phase This unit is being sold as is $4000 The second saw is; Manufacturer Rebuilt Baker A-Frame Resaw Model Fully rebuilt by Baker Products, not used since rebuilt Works, like new 3-Phase 20 HP Toshiba Motor $8000 This equipment is with Custom Cut Lumber sawmill in Alto, Texas and Custom Cut Millwork in Wells, Texas. We serve the public and industry with pine, cedar, oak, walnut and other custom lumber which includes beams, wood siding, framing lumber, oak trailer decking, shaped wood products as flooring, shiplap, v-joint, live edge slabs and much more. Feel free to inquire regarding your needs. Daniel 903-339-566two