We are looking for buyers of big leaf western maple slabs. They are partially air dried and some fresh cut. All stickered on leveled piles , ends sealed, covered , plated on ends on cracks. Have unlimited supply. $4 BF is for orders over $20k. Shipping isn't included. I can load. Slabs will be from 6-15 feet long up to 40 wide. Wider ones can be ordered for a slightly higher price but not entire orders or jumbo. Highly figured pieces as well can be ordered.They will have curl, spalt and quilt but not all in one slab. Also have kiln dried maple and many other species. Problem is I can only hold 600 slabs dry. About half of that is maple. So can fulfill very large orders dry. Dry here is under %12. Walnut , cedar , pacific yew , redwood , parota and fir also available. Alder can be sourced as well as cottonwood.