Can your blades match this? At a recent tradeshow I was given a log to demonstrate my Tru-Cut wide sawmill with, a 60 inch white oak. No one told me that it had been a yard tree and just below the surface were 25 nails (notice the stains in the picture). The opening cut revealed them. However, I needed to make 3 more cuts to get down to the good slabs. Being at a show with a limited number of blades I decided to continue cutting. In each of the next two cuts I cut through from 5 to 25 nails before getting below the nails. Since the blade was still cutting good I decided to see how far it would go. I cut three more slabs (all perfectly flat) from the log before deciding to remove the blade (was still cutting flat when removed). How many nails can your blade cut before it won't cut straight? If it is less than 25 call 209 532 4974 or email (with your blade size) for a quote.