72 Inch Chop saw with sharpened chain. The saw runs great. We bought it thinking we were going to get into sawing pallet lumber but changed course after the purchase. The saw has a fresh oil change, new filters and new fuel pump. We never use it but I start it every few weeks to keep it exercised and have Stabil in the fuel. The only thing wrong with the saw is the key socket where you start the saw is worn out so we start it with a screwdriver (but we can install a new ignition socket if we have a serious buyer); and I think the chain oiler lift pump my be getting a little weak. It's just an inexpensive 12V lift pump to help pull the oil from the oil tank to the bar. It is a very strong saw. Engine tune up if fresh. Cash, Cashier's Check or Bank Electronic Deposit only. Sorry, no personal checks. Thank you, Summer Breeze Sawmill, Accents by Jenna, LLC.