Dear Sir,

I have Golden teak from Thailand want to sell.

We have teak logs in Thailand which are the best logs in the world. Our teak tree grown more than 35 years.
Wood is naturally beautiful and colorful patten. Wood will not pore and bent over the line, also wood is density.

 Specification of our Golden Teaks
Teak (Size A) circumferential size from 96 to 99 cm with the length of 6.50 meters.   2 millions tree left.
Teak (Size B) circumferential size from 140 to 160 cm with the length of 12 meters.   15,000 trees left.
3.  Measure the body of teak wood including bark.
4.  The seal on the wood.
5.  Document moving control from the entry point to the destination.
6. Certificate document SP3, SP 8, SP 9, SP 13 and SP15  mandatory.
7. Teak shall not have pore or hole inside and shall not be crooked and misshaped.

These teaks are ready to cut in Thailand  with limited quantity. For any serious inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me via email provided.

Thank you,

Ms. Woranart Sangratana (Nan)