imberwire is delighted to to announce that the following wood, logs and lumber species are currently available. Bubinga ( guibourtia demeusei ), Pterocarpus soyauxii (Padouk), Acajou Afromasia Ayous Azobe Beni Bibolo Black walnuts Bubinga cosipo Dibétou Doussie Ekki Iroko Khaya Mahogani Maobi Movingui N'Gollon Niove Obéché Okan Okoume Pachy Padouk Sapele Sipo Sipo Tali Wawa Walnut Wenge Zingana Utile Cypress Please contact for pricelist and detailed specifications. Timberwire also own a teak plantation and we supply ASAP. We do exploitation and processing in four countries in Subsaharan Africa with Douala and Portharcut Seaport as our FOB/CIF point. We do have logs for all the species listed above in the following dimensions. +Log size: diameter 80 cm and up x length 510cm up we can also do sawn timber at dimensions of; +Sawn size: thickness 10cm and up x width 35cm and up x length 320cm and up. We also have black walnuts, Up to 5000m3 is currently ready at FOB: Douala, shipment of 5000m3 is accomplished within 2months as timeline... +1 940 295 6653