Many tons of Log available.

$300 is minimum price per (1000 kg) for up to 400 Diameter logs of any length.
1000 KG is approximately one cubic meter in the log.
Price Increases with diameter of the log over 400mm.
Many varied size logs available, suitable for many timber projects.
Table tops, cutting boards, feature bar tops and all furniture items.

A TOP loaded  regular 20' shipping container will carry about 15 tonnes of log.

This can be loaded here and sent virtually anywhere in the world.

Many interesting curved branch's are available for the sculptor or drum maker.

Timber milling can be done here on site to your order. A minimum order is required.
Please ask for more information.

All timber is ecologically salvaged, native species are planted where these trees come from.

Please look at these websites for information regarding this species of timber.