This is the latest mill by Granberg. Perfect for the homeowner, woodworker or carpenter who owns a saw with a 20" bar or shorter. It's compact, lightweight and easy to use - no bar drilling, just attach to your saw. As with any chainsaw mill, we recommend that you use a ripping chain to mill with. These mills are the most economical way to efficiently turn your logs into lumber with the power of a chainsaw. Alaskan sawmills can cut almost any size board or beam imaginable, and to any length! Nearly all timber is accessible to these sawmills, because they are very light and portable. Tabletops and burls are also very easy to cut with these mills, leaving the natural edge on your slab. Alaskan mills cut fastest on softwoods, but even extremely dense woods can be milled. You will need a fairly large chainsaw, a ripping chain and some safety clothing and you are ready for a mill.

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