If you are serious about milling with an Alaskan mill, this is the ultimate set-up. This kit includes everything you will need to cut large slabs with ease, and it allows you to hook up two power heads for ultimate ripping power (50" cuts through hardwood go a lot faster with two saws pulling for you!). The heart of this package is the basic package. These mills are the most economical way to efficiently turn your logs into lumber with the power of a chainsaw. Alaskan sawmills can cut almost any size board or beam imaginable, and to any length! Nearly all timber is accessible to these sawmills, because they are very light and portable. Tabletops and burls are also very easy to cut with these mills, leaving the natural edge on your slab. Alaskan mills cut fastest on softwoods, but even extremely dense woods can be milled. You will need a fairly large chainsaw, a ripping chain and some safety clothing and you are ready for a mill.

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Kit include the following:

Basic Alaskan mill with 56" rails
66" double ended bar
helper handle with a roller bearing
auxiliary oilier
set of slabbing brackets
179 drive link loop of conventional .404 pitch x .063 ripping chain to fit the double ended bar

A Few Words About Chainsaw Milling...
Making lumber with a chainsaw can be a very inexpensive and rewarding way to mill boards from logs. However, there are a few things you should know before diving into chainsaw milling.
Milling lumber requires a large horsepower chainsaw. We recommend chainsaws with at least 3.8 cubic inches (60 cc) of displacement for the smaller mills that run bars up to 20". For larger mills, go for the biggest saw you can get. Saws with 5.0 cubic inches (80 cc) are a minimum, and when making cuts over 36" you'll need the largest saws made. Milling lumber is extremely taxing on chainsaws. Keep the gas mixed properly and the air filters clean.

Use a ripping chain when milling. Standard saw chain is designed to cut across the grain, not with it. Ripping chains are designed for milling, and they leave a smooth, consistent finish.

Take your time. Chainsaw milling can be a slow process, but the rewards are great. Make sure logs are clean of rocks and dirt and look for nails or fencing. They will ruin a chain quickly. Always wear proper safety gear and use log handling tools to move heavy cants.

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