PantherMill 2 This chainsaw mill features an adjustable width as specified TO FIT ANY SIZE BAR, cutting depth is adjustable 0 - 16 standard, and up to 24' for an additional fee. It also features a double clamp design that provides extreme accuracy to within 1/16. No drilling required. This chainsaw mill is a solid robust design. The new design features a sturdier construction as well as improved tension system for easier adjustments. The lower profile bar clamps mean easier maneuvering, and a well balanced design even with chainsaw installed. (chainsaw not included) This is a great slabbing mill capable of making slabs for furniture, tabletops, benches, also boards, beams, keels, ribs for use or even resale. Just about anything you can think of make that dream home or shop. Many customers are making extra money using PantherMill 2 chainsaw mills to make the above items for resale. The majority have said the PantherMill 2 has paid for it's self the first time they have used it. Our double clamp designs are built to exceed the robustness as well as accuracy of other mills costing twice as much or more. Make an extra income by reclaiming those fallen trees for lumber, instead of firewood. Also included with the mill are instructions on how to make a slabbing platform from plywood. SLABBING RAILS Slabbing rails are used to make your first cut straight, accurate, and level. You then follow the previous cut without the need to reinstall the rail. A straight board or ladder, etc. may be substituted, however, the slabbing rails interconnect to make the length the perfect size and seamless for this CRUCIAL FIRST CUT! The slabbing rails are also light weight, easy to carry and store. **** SLABBING RAILS ARE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE ****