The Panther Pro chainsaw mills are a carriage type, which are physically the easiest to use as well as very accurate due to the double clamp design, also logs can be left at ground level negating the need to raise logs to a comfortable working height which is recommended when using other style mills. These mills are very smooth and feature a throttle mounted on the push bar for added comfort. They are available in a homeowner’s/hobbyist or HH version which is meant for occasional hobbyist use and is a single post design. (15”, 18”, 22”) they are meant to be used with smaller chainsaws and some counter weighting or auxiliary oiler may be needed for larger saws. Our HD mills are meant for bigger logs and to also be put to work if need be, I have many earning a living using these mills. Small four stroke motors (up to 7.5 hp) can also be mounted on these, in place of using a chainsaw. Four a more serious work environment or bigger four stroke motors I do recommend the extreme duty/XD mills, which typically run $200-$500 more than the HD mills. Please request a quote for the extreme duty mills. Chainsaw not included We also sell these in carriage only packages which will include directions on how to make your own track and log dogs or complete packages that include the carriage, 12’ track, and 2 log dogs. Additional track, log dogs, and upgrades can also be purchased such as an auxiliary oiler (recommended for bars 30” and over) a 4-1 rapid crank system, and a rapid set system, as well as upgraded log dogs. You will need a firm flat surface to set this up on such as a cement slab, railroad ties, 4x4 posts, beams, etc. A trailer may also be used. ***Pricing does include shipping inside the lower 48***

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