The Peterson DWS portable chainsaw mill comes complete with itís own motor, bar and chain fitted within our large 1.8m (6ft) production frame. It allows a much faster speed ratio than other slabbers, using a 404 ripping chain, or a multi skip tooth chain. It is consequently easier to push, faster at cutting, uses less fuel, is less likely to burn your bar, and has a longer chain life. This dedicated slabber is capable of cutting up to 12″ x 4' (300mm x 1200mm) or 9'″ x 6'3' (230mm x 1900mm) depending on your requirements. Giant mills can be custom made to increase slab sizes also. Capable of operating on the same rigid track system as our WPF Swingblade mill, the DWS is often purchased to compliment a swingblade and offer the most versatile sawmilling package on the planet! With the ability to add unlimited track extensions for commercial production, it is little wonder that the Peterson Dedicated Wide Slabber is a customer favourite, especially with contract sawyers. For more information and to request our product brochure and pricelist, click here: wing-blade-sawmill/