RLM 320MF - Multifunctional Versatile 1-pass Log Mill

  • It can mill raw stems into squared cants, lumber, round dowels or profiled house logs in one pass (1-2 minute per log)
  • The machine can process up to 5000 linear feet of raw logs per work-shift (depending on a model, wood species, milling profile, infrastructure, etc).
  • Some clients reported they mill up to 5000 foot-board of lumber per hour
  • These machines are able to mill a minimum top dia. of 7' and up to a Max butt dia of 17-1/4' (440 mm). 
  • Robust and reliable with a high level of safety and protection.

Other features:
  • Unlimited log length (actually the length is limited only by the max butt diameter depending on the RLM machine model)
  • Diversity of output log profiles (Dimensional & custom lumber, squared timbers. round dowels, post, poles. fencing elements, siding, log home materials
  • Inexpensive maintenance (knives can be sharpened on a bench grinder or optional knife grinding machine)
  • Heavy duty design 
  • Robust & reliable (if greased in time)
  • Able to work from -16 to +30 C

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