The WPF is a customer favourite all around the world, the stand out features include; portability, long lasting blades that can be sharpened on the mill, ability for high production cutting with different loading options available, mill to ANY length log. 'This is the finest available sawmill for cutting long & large timbers I have been exposed to. One man, one log can return you a $ 1,000.00 a day. Great payback.' - L. Tousignant, TX USA The swingblade concept really is something that needs to be seen to be believed, here's a simple video to help explain the concept: The Winch Production Frame (WPF) was designed for productive sawmilling, cutting high quality, extremely accurate timber with portable or fixed-site milling. It is great for contractors and built from top quality materials for durability in any weather. The WPF is a swing blade sawmill that has a manual one-point lowering system which can be upgraded to an Electric Winch for even faster vertical sizing at the touch of a button. For ultimate efficiency the Peterson Hi/Lo track option allows easy log loading either over the top of the low rail with a loader, or by rolling the logs under the high rail. As with Petersonís other swing blade sawmills, the WPF can be fitted with a Clip-on Slabber attachment which allows you to cut slabs for table tops, benches, bar leaners and more. Slabs are a very popular product amongst home builders and renovators and will result in a faster return on investment. With the ability to add unlimited track extensions for commercial production, it is little wonder that the WPF Portable Sawmill is a customer favourite, especially with contract sawyers. For more information and to request our product brochure and pricelist, click here: wing-blade-sawmill/