'We put through quite a stack of timber just by pottering around milling part time. You could cut enough wood to build a house! In terms of small logs, a bigger mill wouldn't cut them much faster.' - I. Abraham, NZ The Junior Peterson is a new addition to the sawmill market, and one that is sure to take the industry by storm. The first batch of the JP is about to roll out the doors of Peterson Sawmills who have spent the last few years working on, and perfecting its design. The best feature of the JP is definitely the price. At almost half the price of one of Peterson's production range, the JP is achievable for many who thought they would never get their hands on a Peterson. Although it's cheaper, it's still built with robust materials and efficient operation. To keep costs down, the JP comes standard with a 6' blade which can cut 6' x 6' beams, and can double cut up to 12' x 4'. It is fit with a 13.5hp Briggs & Stratton motor which makes easy work of the deeper cuts. The JP can also be purchased with optional track extensions for cutting longer logs. It's ideal for the part-time sawmiller who doesn't require high speed production, but still wants to cut enough timber to build their own sheds, barns and even houses! Email us today to find out more about the JP: sales@petersonsawmills.com Check out the video and photo playlist on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmk7z9U46kbcgGAtQFEVPnwEYfsN7rkKw Here's some specs: Blade: 6″ hardwood Motor: 13.5hp petrol Briggs & Stratton Maximum Cut: 6″ (152mm) x 6″ (152mm) Double Cut: 12″ (305mm) x 4″ (102mm) Max. Log Diameter: 3′ (914.4mm) Max. log length on std tracks: 13′ (4m) Average Production**: 1600 bft per day4 cubic meters per day