Mobil Dimention sawmill for sale on reinforced tandem axel trailer can be towed with lightweight vehicle easy to set up many upgrades remote control control gear motor for tracking, can cut a 10 foot long 2 x 4 2 x 6 etc. at about one board every 45 seconds longer logs take a little more time 12 foot at about aboard a minute etc. etc I cut six by sixes all the time four by eights four by twelves 6 x 12 beams can cut up to 71/2 inch wide by 13 inch tall beam in one pass .great saw mill for producing lumber and can be set up almost anywhere within about a half hour does not need external power has a Volkswagen engine power plant 56 hp, Kevlar belts recently replaced for more information and pictures call Jonathan at 409383-3418 $28,000 or best offer