Featuring a proprietary 180 Swing Blade, the 180SB is capable of processing entire logs into S4S lumber and value added products- without moving or turning the log. Designed for safe operation, one-man portability, easy maintenance and repair, the D&L 180SB portable sawmill provides greater capabilities with a lower cost of operation over traditional mills.

180 Swing Capability Blade Technology - The D&L 180 swingblade allows for safe double cutting wide planks, beams and cants, processing logs from either side. The optional Radial MultiCatch system allows for accurate, consistent angle cutting by allowing you to quickly and accurately set the blade height and depth at any angle.

Blade Technology - The unique D&L Six Tooth Carbide Tipped Thin Kerf blade makes accurate and smooth cuts and is second to none in the industry. Sharpening can be done in place and in minutes using the accompanying diamond sharpener. Ideal for both soft and hard woods and in use around the world. Insertable tooth blades also available.

Unequaled Versatility - There is more to processing a round log than just producing boards. The 180SB edges as it cuts, and has a variety of easily changed, optional implements including a slabbing bar, planer blade, orbital sander, router and drill attachment. Easily produce dressed and edged, pre-drilled timber products, with chamfers and grooves.

PERFORMANCE DRIVEN DESIGN - The D&L 180SB Series is manufactured with stainless steel and aluminum for maximum portability and durability.Quick repair and replacement using off the shelf parts eliminates unnecessary downtime. The unique guard design protects the operator at all times and swings with the blade. A double riving knife follows the blade to prevent entering the cut backwards when double cutting. The modular, lightweight, maintenance free rail system features easily adjustable feet and 7'-6'' extensions. Additional value adding attachments can be purchased for all models. Carriage comes fully assembled.

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