Double cut, twin blade, Mahoe Min Max circle sawmill for sale. Like new condition. Was delivered in August 2023. Saws very true and very fast. Extremely easy to sharpen (less than 5 minutes and you are back up running again). Twin inserted tooth circle blades saw a board on every pass after cutting your flitch out. Can saw 1' boards or up to 8' x 12' beams and up to 20' long. Will saw very large logs (5' diameter, if you have them). Blades are American made and replacement teeth are available from US suppliers. Produces beautiful, accurate lumber very quickly. Very well thought out, well built, heavy duty design. This is no lightweight mill. It is a beast and performs as well as it is built. Unlike other mills in this category, it is very heavy duty and yet assembles fast. It is a pure joy to operate. Board sizing is very easy and accurate. Has a feature to allow for a tapered cut if the log has a lot of taper in it. Operator stands behind the end frame and away from the blades. Blades saw away from the operator. Has a board return feature. Much safer, faster, and easier than any swing blade out there. I have used it to saw my own logs for my own projects and am now putting it up for sale. 4-6 month wait for a new mill (at last check new mills priced at $41,000 plus sales tax and any shipping) or buy this one now with no sales tax (no sales tax in MT). The mill is ready to pick up now. Comes with the wooden log deck I built that can be seen in the photos. I will show you how to run it, sharpen it, and assemble it. You transport. I will help load. You will need a long trailer as the main beam is 28' long. Absolutely no bargain hunters. My price is firm. Mill is located in NW Montana. Comes with its own sharpener, extra grinding wheels, and a tool bag with everything you will need.