Tired of endless hours with a router sled? Current planer just not wide enough? Tru-Cut has the answer! Plane a full 70 inches or 96 inches wide at production speed. Remove up to 3/4' of material per pass, 12 inches wide, at a feed rate of 10 feet per minute! Slabs can be surfaced in less than an hour. Watch a 32 inch x 112 inch slab get finished in under 3 minutes on You Tube (TruCutMills). Also can be reached from TruCutMills.com (click the You Tube link, upper right). Full hydraulic with variable speed control allows precise, trouble free production. Set it and watch it go! Runs on our sawmill track (can share the track with one of our mills), powered by a 35 hp gas engine (30 hp electric available) this unit makes slab finishing a snap. Quickly switches from planer head to sander head (no tools required). Dust collection option available which effectively removes debris from the slab while you work. Imagine the increased value and sales if your slabs could be quickly planed and sanded while the customer watched! Proudly made in KY. For more information TruCutMills.com, email Sales@TruCutMills.com, or call 209 532 4974.