URBAN Branch Loggers are unique when it comes to your typical wood-chipping equipment. Instead of chips or mulch, these machines give you larger chunks of wood that have more uses. They can take branches to small logs and turn them into kindling, biomass or smoking wood. They also make great wood chunks for boilers. URBAN Branch Loggers come out of the Czech Republic and we are the only dealers for them here in the USA. ***We are also offering the chance to be dealer for these. We are getting too busy and can not spend as much time dealing these. You have a chance to be the only dealer in the USA! If interested in taking over the dealership, please contact us!*** Please visit: https://www.blackhorsedesigns.com/urban-branch-loggers for more information, pictures and prices, or please call Josh @ 612-366-5636 or email us @ office@blackhorsedesigns.com To watch them in action, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/Urbanvl/videos Models Available (1 of each available): HM70 - Hydraulic Motor - $6,940 SMH70 - 10HP Engine - $6,920 SMH110 - 35HP Engine - $16,729 SMV70 - 10HP Engine - $6,858 SMV70 - 10HP Engine - $6,482 SMV110 - 35HP Engine - $19,633 TR70 - Tractor Hook-Up - $3,966 TR110 - Tractor Hook-Up - $10,998 TR110 - Tractor Hook-Up - $12,657