Basic equipment list: Fuel receiving: West Salem (WSM) unloader and conveyor Screening/Separation: WSM Metal Detector, Eriez 18' Magnet, BMM 3'x8' double screen, WSM 100 HP Grinder, Kice Baghouse Wet Fuel Feed: WSM fuel bin, metering bin, drag chain, feed diverter Heat System: Dryer meter screw conveyor, rotary airlock, feed screw conveyor, 12' x 48' triple pass dryer, inorganic separator Fuel separation cyclone with magnet, dryer fan, dryer baghouse, rotary airlock, baghouse cleaning fan Dry fuel storage bin, agitator, rotary air lock, screw conveyor, belt feeder, baghouse Gas burner 25 MM BTU, FGR fan, fuel conveying air fan Steam generator, feed water pump, suction, suction stabilizer, pulsation dampener, containment pump, steam separator, heat exchanger This plant was set up as a test site for a Biomass company. The equipment needs to be moved, as the land it is on has changed owners. Basic listing information: Biomass to Energy plant combusts a variety of waste fuels to produce 100-1000 MM BTU per hour (5-50 MW equivilant). Fuels include: wood, crops, manure and straw, and the unit claims to have 80% efficiency. System consists of fuel receiving, handling, preparation biomass to steam energy conversion and a steam turbine generator.