Portable Sawmill Services (serving all of Oregon)

Backwoods Custom Milling brings the mill to the logs anywhere in the state of Oregon. We mill all species of Hardwoods, Softwoods and Cedars at your location.

We run the largest portable sawmill that woodmizer builds the LT-70 with the accuset II computer for its speed, accuracy, ease of portability, maneuverability, as well as its log handling abilities. It is highly maneuverable for those tight milling locations, yet very capable of handling the small and very large milling jobs. We handle the logs that the smaller LT-40 mills with a 550-675 bft production rate just don't handle. The LT-70 has much higher production rates of over 1,200 bft that the lighter duty mills just cannot obtain.

The accuset 2 computer setworks makes fast and accurate saw sets keeping the blade in the wood more of the time with precision accuracy. The hydraulics makes for smooth and effortless handling of logs.

We also mill 36" and larger over sized logs as well as short blocks, A few of our milling projects include Barn frames, complete wooden Barn packages, Timber frame homes, Flooring, Fencing, Bridge decking, Livestock fencing, Tables, Craft wood and Beams up to 20', even milled out a complete Oak ship package, as well as lumber yards full of dimensional lumber. If you have a specific project we can mill each piece, as well as full scale production milling of truck loads of logs.

Both sawyers have over 25 years combined sawmill experience. We have operated and maintained this mill in top condition for the past eight plus years.

Our set up fee is:
150 miles or less is $1.50 a mile.
150 miles or more is $2.00 a mile
All mileage is figured point to point.
We have no set-up fees when milling in Douglas and Coos Countys.

Our rates are $300 per thousand bft ($0.30 bft) for soft woods. Hardwoods and other custom work are done by our team of sawyers at an hourly rate of $75 per hour. Don't worry about stickers for stacking your lumber as we mill them as we go at no cost after all we want to help you care for your lumber.

Backwoods Custom Milling

Harvey Saul and Little Jo
541-671-nineteen ninety three
541-445-twenty four forty four
Or Contact thru this add

For production milling of logs 20' and over we can move in the Cooks AC-36 this is Cooks largest portable sawmill and is a much heavier sawmill, this sawmill can mill beams up to 28' long. This mill requires two trips to move in as it feeds into an edger so requires a higher rate to operate as well as requiring log and beam handling equipment available at milling site. It also requires a much larger milling site. Never the less 20-28 foot lumber and beams are not readily available for all applications and this sawmill is very capable of milling long logs at your location. Call for availability and pricing for this mill.