Out of the Woods is proud to be a leading provider of premium lumber and Mobile/portable saw milling service in the San Francisco Bay Area community since 1999. Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains we live and work in the woods. Today, we offer comprehensive services from tree removal to stunning finished wood product, including portable milling at your location. Our small shop of experienced professionals is dedicated to bringing your wood dreams to life no matter how complex. Check out some of the unique projects we have custom sawed, from a 50 foot tall dwajasthambam (Hindu temple pole) at Silicon Valley Temple to a corporate campus monolithic bench wall. Whether you are a homeowner, a builder or part of an organization, we are confident we can meet and exceed your needs! Our Equipment is unmatched in the portable sawmill service, Including: WoodMizer LT70 Super Hydraulic with the cat diesel and 5 foot extension allowing us to mill up to 25 long beams WoodMizer LT40 Super Hydraulic with the cat diesel and 20 foot extension allowing us to mill up to 40 long beams WoodMizer LX250 with slabbing up to 55 up to 18 long with a very smooth slab WoodMizer Edgner with the Cat diesel. 2 Lucas mills with the slabber attachment up to 64 wide and 40+ long 2 Bobcats with forks and buckets 1 Cat IT28 Loader with a shamrock grapple with a 16,000 pound lift capacity breakout force 25,000 Frequently Asked Portable Sawmill Questions Do you offer portable milling? Yes. We'll need a 8' by 20' clear and semi flat space to mill. For 36' diameter and under we would use a Wood-Mizer wood mill. Above 36', we'll use a Lucas swing blade or slabber attachment for your job. Let's discuss your project. Give us a call at +1 (831) 818-2260. What are your prices for wood and for portable milling? There factors in determining the cost of milling: how much room is there? moving equipment there to stage and move the logs if large. We have a $1000 minimum. Or daily rate is $2000 and if we need to bring equipment in to move logs between $1,000- $2,500 per day. The dimensions of the lumber, size and location are the main factors to complete an estimate. but if you have a cool meaningful project we would love to hear about it and break our own rule, just give us a reason! Habitual line steppers over here! :)