Portable Sawmill Services – Logs to Lumber
We saw logs to your specifications.  We can saw at our barn or can bring the sawmill to you.  Our sawmill is fast and  saws logs up to 21 feet long and up to 34” in diameter.

We buy logs and will trade sawing for logs. 

 Pricing and production depends on:

 1.   We are located at Powhatan Courthouse in Central Virginia serving the Richmond area.

2.   Per hour rate for sawmill and operator (plus expenses of fuel and blades) or we can saw by the board foot, or inside at our barn.

3.   Production is determined by the type and cut of the logs. (beams, boards, siding, veneer, countertops, tabletops, etc…). Laps are excellent firewood.

4.   Equipment to load the logs onto the mill at your site will increase production. Our sawmill can load itself if the logs are lined up along side it. (see sketch)

5.   It is important to have the logs as clean as possible. Mud and dirt are hard on the blades. Blades have to be replaced and they are $30.00 each.

6.   A person to load logs and a lumber stacker is the most efficient crew for the sawmill.

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