Got logs? Serving the north coast and all of Norther California, Fogline Woodcraft Mobile Sawmill Service will travel to your location (or rural property) and make useful lumber from your logs. Imagine the great projects you could build with your own lumber at a fraction of the cost of big box stores. With the price of building materials going up, lumber is at a ten year high... Have us saw the framing, decking, siding, joists, etc for your next project.. Convert your timber into awsome custom sawn lumber! How it works: Custom milling sized to your specifications or material list. Beams, boards and slabs can be sawn . The sawmill is a horizontal bandsaw type with high production capability. The thin kerf blade extracts more lumber from your logs and less sawdust waste. Hydraulic log handling and loading means that logs up to 36 inch diameter and 20 feet long can be rolled onto the loading arms and easily loaded onto the mill bed, positioned and sawn. All finished lumber is stacked and stickered onsite for proper drying (see attached figure). For large slabs up to 6 feet wide see below. Sawmill rate is $100 hr, plus a travel fee of one dollar per mile (one way from Point Arena, located on the Mendocino Coast). Includes me and two helpers to assist. We will travel most anywhere in Northern California. Contact Craig to discuss your logs and schedule your milling days (email is best if I am in the field). Currently, our sawmill calendar is booking a few weeks out. We can produce natural live edge slabs up to 6 feet wide, suitable for conference tables, bars, countertops, etc, utilizing our large alaskan chainsawmill. This process is slower than the bandsawmill because of set up time and slower cutting speeds and requires two operators but yields huge exotic slabs up to 16 feet long in any thickness. Call us to quote your slab project. Yes, we can fell trees not close to power lines or structure. We can buck and skid logs if necessary for smaller jobs. Large land owners should have their timber felled and decked before bringing in the sawmill for maximum productivity. Yes, I have beautiful unfinished redwood slabs for sale. Call to inquire. Keywords: Lumber timber graded wood live edge redwood slab figured grain custom sawing full dimensional rough sawn horse coral barn shed cabin rustic barn wood lumberjack firewood recycle reclaim green urban savaged tree service post and beam table countertop bar bench headboard mantle fire victim pge logs defensible space cal fire repurpose homestead individualism Christian chipper removal thp porch siding railing joist structural traditional farm construction architecture engineered sawdust woodwork woodworker burl bark beetle ponderosa oak cedar cypress pine fir redwood walnut resaw pallet manufacturing railroad tie fence stairs steps decking board foot linear arborist