I offer a fully custom sawing service that can cut logs up to 36' in diameter and 20' long. The price is as follows, It is $0.50 a board foot if you bring it to me and that is for a milled board foot (what that means is your are not paying to have the waste of the log taken off) If I hit any metal in a board that I am cutting for you the blade charge is $50 if the blade is broken and a $20 charge if the blade can be sharpened. If I travel to you the trip charge is $150 plus a minimum board foot charge of $350(minimum of 750 board feet). When I travel to you the logs will have to be in one neat pile where I can pull my mill right up to them and start milling. It works best if they are on 4x4's so that they roll nice up to the mill. If you have a skid steer then getting the logs to the mill will not be a problem. If I have to move the mill from log to log there will be a $50 moving fee for every time I have to re-level the mill. When I come to you to cut at least two people need to be there to help stack the wood with me and help get the logs on the mill. If you do not have people available I can provide someone for a fee on $25 Per hour. You are responsible for the clean up of the cutoffs and the sawdust for the mill. I am also not responsible for and unnecessary lawn damage. The logs must be clean! That means no heavy amounts of mud or stones stuck or imbedded in the logs. It the logs are abnormally dirty there will be a $20 charge for re-sharpening of the blade per blade used. I also am able to get the wood kiln dried for you at an additional cost. I expect CASH on pick up of wood. My Name is Andy Please feel free to call me with any questions or for free estimates.