We specialize in sharpening thin-kerf band mill and resaw blades from 1' to 1 3/4' wide, 3/4' to 1' pitch. We do not sharpen carbide tip blades. Please call to ensure we can sharpen your bandsaw blades. We can sharpen Timber Wolf, Wood-Mizer, Simonds, Lenox, MunkforsSagar and any other bandsaw blade manufactured within the range as stated above. We guarantee your blades will cut consistently straighter than they ever have before. Assuming your sawmill or resaw is in good working condition (if it is not we can supply technical support to get it there), your bandsaw blades will cut with ease and in return make you more money because they will cut longer and smoother*. We have owned and operated a full-time bandsaw sawmill since 1987 and have been sharpening bandsaw blades just as long. We check the quality of our sharpening everyday when we run the sawmill. We are an authorized bandsaw sharpening center for Suffolk Machine Corp., manufacturer of Timber Wolf bandsaw blades.