Bandsaw Blades, Planer Blades, Chainsaw Chain Sharpening (OK)

Have your blades sharpened by a sawyer who knows how to sharpen bandsaw blades. Guaranteed to be as good as new or better than new. I sharpen bandsaw blades, planer blades, and chainsaw chains. I have a LogMaster LM4 sawmill that I own and operate and know how important it is to keep those blades sharp for better quality wood production. Located in south central Oklahoma, overlooking the Red River west of Marietta. UPS and USPS shipments daily. Fed X only runs twice a week. Monthly accounts welcome.

Contact Nolen Hicks (580) 276-6714 for pricing and shipping info. You may have to leave message as I can't hear my phone when the sawmill is running. I'll call ya back ASAP.

Ship me one blade and I'll sharpen it and ship it back to you free and you can be the judge! Thanks!