1995 Primultini 1800 SLB Band Mill, 1) Primultini Fixed Saw Headrig mod. 1800 SLB Flywheel Diameter 1800mm Flywheel Face width 240mm 75KW power.2) Primultini Log Carriage Type CIA-SLB 4 head block max. log diameter 1600mm length of track 19.5m. This is a mated left-hand working set complete with cab and controls.3) Stenner Fixed Saw Headrig Mc. Type VHD Mc. size 54 Mc. no. AE 8275 Flywheel diameter 1400mm flywheel face width 180mm.4) Bongioanni Fixed Saw Headrig Flywheel diameter 1600mm flywheel face width 180mm. 5) Mckee Log Carriage 4 independent head block with cant kickers and flitch turners maximum log diameter 1600mm length of track 25m. 6) Cosmec Gang Rip Type SM 120 Mc. no. M 2973 year 1998 22KW. 7) Cosmec Gang Rip Type SM 400 Mc. no. M 3498 year 2003 58KW. 8) Cosmec Gang Rip Type BULL 570 Mc. no. M 3527 year 2008 75KW. Many additional items, stop and load log decks, 65m of live rolls with side shift,complete dust collection system, 30m of live sorting line,vacuum lift ,selling complete high production line as is where it is. There are many new blades for the cosmec gang rips. Approximately 20 spare bands for the Primultini head and numerous spares for the other 2 head rigs. There is also a Hydraulic buck saw for cross cutting full length trees. A huge amount of items not listed packed in containers.There are 3 identical sawdust blowers 100hp electric. This entire lot must be sold. Everything for 2 complete high production sawmills.Automatic circular blade sharpener. Simonds optimatic band tensioner with 227 hours. Many,many items not listed. Entire lot can be directly loaded onto sea vessel, no road transport needed.