We have shifted gears and are selling our band-saw and sharpening equipment.  Includes everything you need to set up and get going immediately.  Will continue to run until it is sold.  Can saw logs as long as 26' and up to 48" wide. 

Volume: 5,000-10,000+ bd ft per day of 4/4 hardwoods depending on log size, species and support equipment.  Significantly more if sawing poplar, pine or thicker stock.

Package includes:

Sawmill (75hp head motor, 3 phase, high voltage, 4' head wheels)
Hydraulic Tank (25hp motor)
Operator Cab (air conditioned/heated)
Full Electronic Setworks
7" Bandsaw Blades
Bandsaw Sharpening Equipment (Sharpener - Automatic, Swedger - Manual, Bench, Stretcher)
Hydraulic Joy Stick Operation
Hydraulic Log deck

Additional items available:

Dual bladed Miner edger (up to 30" wide boards, 30hp motor)
20' section of live rollers with motor
60+ foot of live rollers (needs motor)
Sections of dead rollers
2' cutoff saw (needs motor and shaft)
55' Barn Sweep
Green/Transfer tables

Feel free to call if you need more info or would like to see it run.

Thank you,