SM-120 $3299 or $3799 (with trailer) SM-120 -- (This is our ground model the track comes in two pieces, unless you are local) Log Dog 2 Log Clamp 1 Length 20' Track Width 33' (Approx.) Height 3'8' Power option 10 HP Pull Start Gasoline Engine Feed System *Manual Feed Head Up/Down *Manual Up/Down System Blade Engage *Centrifugal Clutch Tensioning *Manual Blade Lube *Manual On/Off This Mill comes with a Two year Limited Warranty. The SM-120 is our most affordable sawmill to date. This mill is similar to the SM-130 ,only a little smaller, but still very sturdy. This mill will cut a 22' log 18' long. This mill is also all welded together just like the rest of our mills. The track sits on the ground and is stationary or, you can choose the trailer option. For a 50% deposit, we can get this mill started for you. At this time we have a 4-6 week waiting period on all our mills.