Once in a lifetime opportunity, a complete setup for slabs with factory training. The Tru-Cut HS70 hydraulic 70' wide cut sawmill and our new 70' Slab Surfacer (planer/sander) will be demonstrated at the PBS. The mill has been presold, however the Slab Surfacer is still available. Priced at $33,500 this unit can surface a slab in under 5 minutes. This allows you to have a customer pick out a raw slab and watch it be surfaced on the spot. No more hours long chore. Slabs surfaced, sanded, and ready for finishing on a slabs per hour basis versus hours per slab. The purchaser will have the opportunity to operate the units and receive factory training the day prior to the show. Units will be delivered immediately after the show. Only one such offer is available, deposit required to reserve. More information and videos at TruCutMills.com, Sales@TruCutMills.com, or call 209 532 4974.