Unbelievable opportunity! A chance to try this amazing saw for yourself. First deposit gets onsite instructions and a chance to saw slabs with a true 70' or 96' wide cut mill. Powered by 35 hp Vanguard engine, all functions are hydraulic. 2' wide blades assure an accurate cut. Variable speed allows fast production sawing or slow for extremely smooth slabs. Ground bed is portable for easy relocation. Mill is built heavy with 2x4 box steel and bracing. Hydraulic blade tension allows precise blade control. Heavy built (4000 pound plus) mill head is steady and true. Mill will be demonstrated at the Paul Bunyan Show in Cambridge Ohio (10/4-6/19) and will be available immediately after the show. Mill will only have a few show hours on it, all extra show blades will be included, and delivery can be arranged if needed. Don't miss this opportunity to produce valuable slabs immediately after full training at the show. This mill can be reserved with a 50% deposit (mill will be built in September and delivered directly to the show upon completion). SPECIAL SHOW PRICING if pre-ordered, this pricing is for the demo unit only. Mills may also be ordered at the show with a 25% deposit. For more information please call 209 532 4974 or email jdunent@aol.com.