No experience with a sawmill . I would like a LT15 , manual is fine and preferred but will take hydraulics and other extras on it I realize there's various equipment on on aLT1t. My Father side of the family dates back to the 1880s lumber ,and Saw Mills. My father was in the Timber business, my grandfather, great grandpa that I remember with sawmills and timber , It's in my blood just not developed . I have a farm Foreman and two workers that will be operating, because the main reason We had close to 50 big hardwood oak tried trees get blown down during hurricane Matthew 2016 fall, so the wood right now it's good and dry and salvageable now but can't wait much longer . We also have access to a lot of pain and other hardwoods large family farm in South Carolina . We just won't something to start off and can handle what our objective is if we enjoy and necessary we can always move up a model. I have the ways to transport to South Carolina and manpower to handle. Please serious callers only I will respect your time please respect mine. I will be dependent on people to be very upfront and fair with me because I am not knowledgeable in this arena. I call it the trust factor. Thank you in advance very much . Tom McLain 843-680-3798