The SS-70 surfacer/sander (true 70 inch wide capacity, 96 inch capacity available - SS-96) which was demonstrated at the Paul Bunyan show did an excellent job. It sure was a crowd pleaser and the slabs we surfaced sold as quickly as they were finished. This unit can plane and sand a slab in under an hour (both sides) ready for finishing. We did a whole stack of slabs at the show never taking more than 20 minutes per slab! This amazing machine put such a nice finish on the slabs we sold the slabs as fast as we could finish them. How many more sales could you make if your customers could watch their slab get finished? How much more could you charge if you could not only supply the slabs but surface them too? This unit can remove up to 3/4 inch per pass at feed rates up to 10 fpm. Using a 14 inch diameter cutterhead with 12 carbide cutters (rotatable) driven by a 35 hp gas engine. One quarter turn locks the sanding head OVER the top of the cutter head (no need to remove cutterhead, no tools), less than a minute and you can sand. This unit runs on the same track as our mills allowing double use of the same track. Hydraulic power feed moves the head smoothly. Hydraulically adjusted side to side. Manual (hand crank) or hydraulic adjustment of the vertical allows precise (less than 1/16 inch) depth control. This unit has an optional dust blower system available to remove the debris from the slab as you work. Price does not include track. Videos of the surfacer in action at (click on the You Tube Channel link in the upper right corner). Call 209 532 4974 or