SM-130 Price $5,499 SM-130------our most popular of our Models. This has a trailer package and comes fully assembled. Log Dog 3 Log Clamp 2 Length 20' Track Height 5' 8.25' Width 3' Power option 14 HP Pull Start Gasoline Engine Feed System *Manual Feed Head Up/Down *Manual Up/Down System Blade Engage *Centrifugal Clutch Tensioning *Manual Blade Lube *Manual On/Off This Mill comes with a Two year Limited Warranty. The SM-130 is our most popular mill, not only is it built tough and sturdy, it comes equipped with 20 feet of track for a 17 foot 6 inch long cut a 28 inch cutting throat and a powerful 11hp gas engine (can be upgraded). With this mill there no need to move the logs to the mill, you can move the mill to the logs or your neighbors or for business. This mill is really portable and with a price that is very affordable you can be making lumber in just a short time. For a 50% deposit, we can get this mill started for you. At this time we have a 10-14 week waiting period on these mills.