Timber Tuff’s TMW-2020SMBS Saw Mill with Briggs and Stratton Engine is the perfect way to turn your logs into valuable and usable lumber. Timber Tuff’s Saw Mill has a 306cc Briggs & Stratton engine for a reliable and powerful saw mill. The mill also is equipped with a U.S. Lennox blade that measures 144” x 1.25” x 0.035”. The Saw Mill handles a maximum log diameter of 20” and a length of up to 110”. Handles a maximum board width of up to 20”. It cuts a maximum thickness of 4.5” with a cutting length of 110”. The versatile and adjustable saw mill is even portable, allowing you to move it to where you need it. Constructed of durable steel, giving you a long lasting product. The mill measures 153.55” x 70.87” x 66.15” overall for an ideal and portable saw mill.