The 2018, 2019, and 2020 HS-70 demo mills were sold prior to the PBS show. In 2021 you could decide which will be our demo. The mill will be paired with a matching Surfacer. One lucky customer will have the opportunity to decide which will be at the PBS show, with an advance deposit. This customer will have the first choice for the matching surfacer. Each will be powered by a 35 hp gas engine, hydraulic head raise/lower, forward/reverse (with infinite speed control), blade tension (on the mill), and hydraulic side to side (on the surfacer). Heavy built mill uses 2 inch wide band blades, has custom 28 inch band-wheels, and hands free operation. This equipment comes with many extras (with pre-show deposit) including factory training and the opportunity to operate the equipment on the day before the show. Free blades, set up assistance, additional training, delivery assistance, and more can be included in this package. Although mills can be ordered at the show, the 'show special' equipment will be presold. Please visit the Dunlap Enterprises booth to see these great machines in action at the PBS. To find out more, or 209 532 4974.