The LT15START is a compact, economical sawmill engineered specifically for sawyers looking for an American-made sawmill that is low cost, highly durable, and saws accurately. The LT15START joins the popular LT15 sawmill series known throughout the world for its quality, versatility, and affordability. The LT15START can saw logs up to 28” in diameter by 11’ long with a 26” width of cut, plenty of capacity for most logs encountered. Longer logs can be sawn with optional bed extensions which can extend the sawmill to any required cutting length in 6’ 8” increments. By adding one optional 6’ 8” bed extension, an optional trailer package can be installed to make the bandmill completely portable. The sawmill bed is made of a robust 2” x 6” box steel frame and features eight adjustable feet for simple rough leveling. Since this mill sits low to the ground, minimal lifting of logs is required. Loaded and turned manually with a cant hook (sold separately), logs are secured onto the bed by four adjustable side supports, and one fully adjustable log clamp that tightly fastens the log and allow for cuts within 1” of the bed. To prepare for cutting, saw head height is positioned by a quick turn of the up/down dial that moves 1” for each full rotation or 1/16” for each notch. Once the blade is effortlessly engaged with a handle, cutting is accomplished by steadily pushing the saw head along the length of the log by using a no-maintenance push feed bar system. Once the cut is completed, the head is raised up, pulled back, and lowered into position for the next cut. A water tank feeds lubrication directly to the blade to improve cutting performance and keep the blade clean. The adjustable blade guide arm keeps the blade well supported while cutting various sized material. Blade tension is easily adjusted, and keeps the blade at the proper tension for cutting. Wood-Mizer’s wide range of sawmill blades can meet any cutting requirement and deliver maximum log yield and minimal waste of the valuable timber. Additionally, thin-kerf blades require less horsepower or energy consumption, so the smaller power plants emit fewer emissions and require less fuel while still providing sufficient power to cut all wood types. The LT15START sawmill ships on single pallet, comes with one Wood-Mizer bandsaw blade, and requires minimal assembly time so you can start sawing within a few hours of receiving your mill. With a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year sawmill warranty, the LT15START sawmill is backed by the same legendary service, quality and safety features shared by the rest of the family of Wood-Mizer mills.