This Woodmizer Lt 70 Super was was bought brand new from Woodmizer in 2016, it comes with a debarker, lubemizer, and removable, joysricks, off bearing conveyer Green industrial transfer table were theres a set of kickers at the end, everything is self automated, also has transfer table. Comes with a 2004 Woodmizer edger that has a new factory engine 5hp command pro engine with 2000 hours on it, edger itself has 6,000 hours on it. Mill & conveyer have 3600 hours on it, 80 gallon air compressor comes with it, dust blower, 18, two strand 18ft long live log deck everything runs off single phase electricity, still has hydraulic motor that goes with it, several rollers, bearings, spare parts some new. Automated Woodmizer Sharpener & Hand setter, got a few 18 wide roller table beds, for the end of the transfer deck, also has a tie rack that goes at the end of the transfer table. Have multiple videos of it working if interested. Also have a Komatsu WA 200 PZ Loader we want to sell as well.