This is the newest to the line of Hud-Son Forest Portable Sawmills the HFE 30!!! This mill comes to the market under demand for its 30' log capacity!

Standard features include: 30' log capacity, 2-7' track sections, 13HP gas engine. Centrifugal clutch, 1.5' band wheel bearings, 19' band wheels, hand winch lift system, dual measuring system with quarter scale and standard inches or metric, dual Hud-Son guide system with adjustable guide, two standard log dogs and squaring back stops, 1.25' Hud-Son blades, blade lubrication system, optional extra length track sections.
The HFE 30 sawmill is an important and handy tool to have at home or around the farm. With a log capacity of 30' and optional unlimited lengths of cut you can easily and efficiently saw boards and beams which can be used in your home construction and maintenance projects

With the manual height adjustment you can quickly and accurately adjust the thickness of cut to the 1/16'. The adjustable Hud-Son dual guide system and the built in blade lubrication system will keep the blade true and cool!

Priced to sell at $5395
John Deere 815-482-8037

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